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An Introduction to trading course designed by traders with prior trading experience. One of the most difficult aspects of Trading is actually just getting started. At Block Seven Trading the development of our introduction to trade course has been developed with complete beginners in mind to show them exactly what to do and how to do it. We use simple terminology and references to help give our clients the best understanding of how Forex works. At Block Seven our mission is to create and establish independent traders and our introduction to trading course is the best place to start before we start getting into some more complicated lessons.


  • Terminology break down
  • How to register a trading account
  • Introduction, explanation, and Download of Apps and Software used when trading
  • A practical example of how to co-operate with signals
  • Basic market structure
  • How to identify Order Blocks
  • How to identify the overall structure of a market
  • Introduction to Smart Money Concepts Trading Strategy


Forex Trading signals is a great way to get started with your trading Journey , Forex trading signals are ideal for brand new traders taking their first few trades , traders looking to pick up on opportunities identified within in the market by more experienced and confident traders and traders looking for a different perspective on the market. At Block Seven our priority is client service and the community that we build with our clients. The relationship that we have with our clients comes first and our Forex Signals are accompanied by both a WhatsApp and Telegram Group where we share trading experiences and the results. Trading Signals is an indication of what to buy / sell and when to do so but Block seven Trading does not stop there , we want to show you how we do it too!


  • 1-8 Signals a week
  • WhatsApp communication Net-Work group with other traders
  • Trading challenges
  • Trading competitions
  • Giveaways
  • Free Classes
  • Live Trading sessions
  • Free Educational Content


The same as TIER1 but more premium and more benefits as a subscriber. The VIP Forex Signals is the same service as the tier1 service however you are not required to use our partnered broker ( although it is still recommended ) Our Vip Forex Signals are designed at providing our clients with the best possible customer service and building a strong relationship with the clients. Regular zoom sessions, Live trading sessions, We show you how we trade and how we identify opportunities within the market as showcased on my Youtube and Tie Tok social media pages. At Block Seven we don’t want our traders to depend on trading signals, we want to show our traders how we monitor, analyse and trade the Forex markets creating a confident and independent Smart Money Trader


  • Tier2 Forex Trading Signals
  • Zoom Classroom Sessions
  • WhatsApp Net-Work groups with like-minded traders
  • Free educational content
  • Trading guides
  • Trading tips
  • Live Trading sessions
  • Analysing Zoom session s
  • Market Open trading ideas and concepts


Trading Forex is not an easy task and a task that takes time. Trading Forex is a combination of so many elements and variables and can sometimes be daunting, easy to give up on and lose belief in. At Block Seven, we have developed a Mentorship programme for Traders that are on the verge of consistent profitability. Trading is 80% Psychology and 20% strategy. As traders, we don’t avoid risk – We simply learn to manage risk. Learning to manage your risk, draw up a trading plan, plot a trading journal or even draw up an analysis to learn from your mistakes are just some of the components we have added to our mentorship programmes. Trading is the easiest way to make the hardest money is My Favourite quote of all time!


  • Forex Trading Mentorship
  • Forex Guide
  • Introduction to Trading Course
  • Risk Management Guide
  • Trading Tips and Tricks
  • Live Trading Sessions
  • 1on1 Zoom Sessions
  • Physiology zoom Sessions
  • Trading Plans, How to plot a trading journal, Identification of mistakes and how to recover
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