Forex Mentorship


Trading Forex is not an easy task and a task that takes time.Trading Forex is a combination of so many elements and variables and can sometimes be daunting, easy to give up on and lose belief in. At Block Seven, we have developed a Mentorship programme for Traders that are on the verge of consistent profitability. Trading is 80% Psychology and 20% strategy. As traders, we don’t avoid risk – We simply learn to manage risk. Learning to manage your risk, draw up a trading plan, plot a trading journal or even draw up an analysis to learn from your mistakes are just some of the components we have added to our mentorship programmes. Trading is the easiest way to make the hardest money is My Favourite quote of all time!


Completely Free Trading Community

  • No-Risk
  • R500 Minimum Deposit
  • FSCA Regulated Broker (XM)

•Forex Trading Mentorship
•Forex Guide
•Introduction to Trading Course
•Risk Management Guide
•Trading Tips and Tricks
•Live Trading Sessions
•1on1 Zoom Sessions
•Physiology zoom Sessions
•Trading Plans, How to plot a trading journal, Identification of
mistakes and how to recover

Forex Mentorship
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